Hire / Book Percussionists & DJ Percussionists You can hire percussionists and hire DJ percussionists to create that irresistibly upbeat party vibe at your event. Our expert range of multi-talented percussionists and DJ percussionists are experienced and diverse, bringing an amazing range of rich and up-tempo music to any occasion. These percussionists are great for any corporate or private event, with a unique take on the DJ set with some engaging live music and undeniable charisma, if you hire percussionists you are certain to have a memorable event. You can also hire DJ percussionists to bring that extra flair and thrill to your event, our roster is bursting with fascinating percussionists who can provide a musical experience like no other.

What is a Percussionist or DJ Percussionist?

Percussionist is a term used to describe a musician who can play percussion instruments such as Xylophone, triangle, drums or tambourine to a good standard. Percussionists often provide the rhythm in music; however, they are also effective in creating harmony and melody, adding extra depth to apiece. Certain types of percussionists have also expanded their skills to put on exciting sets at clubs as DJ percussionists.

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